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Welcome to the website of the Mombasa Hospital.

The Mombasa Hospital is the oldest and largest private healthcare facility in the Coast Province of Kenya.Life as we know it, whether at an individual or organizational level, is centred on the premise that growth is a way of life and that we all must grow at all times. Yet growth does not simply mean making milestones and tallying profits, it is something beyond this. The Mombasa Hospital’s path, in the last few years has been one of growth – a worthy testimony to the guidance provided by its Management Board, the hard work of our staff and the goodwill and loyalty of our admitting doctors and customers.The support we have received from our clients has enabled us to build new facilities and to refurbish existing ones and to purchase new equipment.Continual emphasis on the quality of our service, together with a conducive and friendly environment to our users, makes the Mombasa Hospital a first choice for healthcare for both local and overseas clients. In addition, most of our wards and service areas enjoy a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean.As part of its corporate social responsibility, the Mombasa Hospital has held and continues to hold free health camps and events for those who cannot otherwise afford quality health care. These include cardiology, diabetes, renal dialysis, asthma, etc.

As an approved CPD (Continued Professional Development) centre, the Mombasa Hospital has been in the forefront in embracing and sharing new medical techniques and experiences through annual medical symposiums in various specialties and weekly in-service sessions. These activities bring together medical specialties, doctors and paramedic professionals.With 450 dedicated staff, which includes 170 nurses for a 125 bed hospital, our clients are assured of quality healthcare.We value and acknowledge the loyalty we receive from hospital users and admitting doctors. We will continue to be innovative and responsive and in this journey we seek your support and partnership to be your hospital of first choice.