Admission Information

1. ON ARRIVAL - Please report at the reception desk. You will be required to complete the admission formalities


(a) Admission request from your Doctor.

(b) Deposit from Self paying patients – The amount of deposit payable varies. Please enquire at the Reception. The deposit should be topped up every 24 hours. This deposit will be held on your account and will be offset against the final bill.

(c) Company patients – Various Companies have accounts with the Hospital for their staff and, where applicable, for their dependants. Each Company has its own identification and authorization requirement. A Company patient must present these at the time of admission.

(d) National Hospital Insurance Fund (N. H. I. F.) – If you are a member of this Fund and wish to claim rebate through the Hospital you must present the following at the time of admission:

(i) National Identity Card / Passport, whichever is applicable

(ii) N.H.I.F. Membership photocard

If you are a spouse of the Contributor the following will be required in addition:

(i) Spouses National Identity Card / Passport/Aliens' certificate (The document presented when registering your spouse)

Children agedbetween six months and 18 years are eligible for N.H.I.F. claim under their father’s Membership of the scheme. The child’s birth certificate must be presented for such claims. For children under the age of six months whose birth certificate is under process, a birth notification from a recognised hospital or nursing home must be presented.

Children above the age of 18 years and up to the age of 21 years are also eligible for this claim provided that they are studying and depend on their parents. For such cases, proof of studying will be required, i.e. a letter from the School /College / University, etc. confirming that the Patient is a bona-fide student of the respective Institution.

(e) Medical Insurances – Various local and overseas insurance companies and health management organizations (H.M.Os) have arrangements with the Hospital. To enable you to seek our services on account of your Insurer / H.M.O., please enquire from the Reception desk on whether your Insurer / H.M.O. has an account  with us and the requirements for processing the claim.

3. HOSPITAL FEES - For enquiries on hospital fees please contact the Reception desk.

4. DOCTORS' FEES - Hospital resident doctors' fees have to be paid with other hospital charges. These will be part of the hospital bill. The hospital facilitates collection of private doctors'/ consultant fees, however you can arrange direct settlement. For such arrangements, the hospital will require confirmation from the respective doctor/consultant.

5. DISCHARGE - Please note that your discharge from the hospital is a process. It starts with clinical discharge authorized by your doctor. After that, information is gathered for preparation of your bill. The whole process takes atleast two hours. For cash paying patients, the final bill should be collected and paid at the cashiers officce. This is situated on the ground floor by the main entrance. Please collect a clearance certificate from the cashiers after paying your bills and present this to your Ward Sister before leaving.

6.OUTSOURCED/REFERRED SERVICES FEES - You may be refered to other health care service providers for services not available at the hospital. Fees for such services will have to be paid in cash to the hospital for onward remittance to the respective service provider.

7.PAYMENT - Payment modes accepted are:-


-Cheques (only with prior arrangement and authorisation from the management)

-Major credit cards (Visa, Master and American express)